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Sometimes it’s obvious when you need Chevy repair. You don’t need a Chevy mechanic to tell you that if your car has smoke coming out of its tailpipe, is making loud noises, or is taking longer than normal to accelerate, you need to visit our Chevy service center. However, at times the need for auto repair might not be so direct. If you ever notice any of the following less obvious issues, it is time to schedule an appointment with our Chevy mechanics.

Strange Noises

Any time you hear an unusual noise when driving, it is a good idea to get it checked out. Some of the most common sounds that indicate an issue include noises while braking, a whining transmission, or a knocking noise coming from under the hood.

Decreased Fuel-Efficiency

If you’re finding yourself filling up at the gas station more often, you should schedule an appointment with our mechanics. Many times it will only take a small tune-up to fix the issue, which is often changing the spark plugs or air filter or cleaning a sensor.

Fluid Leaks

If your Chevy Colorado or other Chevy model is leaking fluids, it’s likely an indication that something is wrong. Your car relies on a number of different fluids to run safely, and a leak should be looked at by a certified mechanic.

Strange Smells

Odd odors are another indicator of trouble with your Chevy car. Some of the most common smells that you might encounter include a sweet, maple-like smell (coolant leak), a gym bag smell (mold in the AC), and a burning paper smell (clutch problems).

Whether you’re noticing any of the above signs or a different sign, schedule a service appointment at Keyes Chevrolet.

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