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Your battery is one of the most important parts of your Chevrolet car, and it can last for years. However, it always seems to die out at the most inconvenient times.

While there are many causes for a dead battery, factory defects with your Chevy vehicle are rarely to blame. To reduce the odds of experiencing a dead battery, we recommend getting regular Chevy service here at Keyes Chevrolet. Here are some common causes for a dead car battery.

Car Battery Basics

Before getting into the causes of a dead battery, we would first like to explain some basics about how car batteries work. When you switch on the ignition of your Chevy car by either turning the key or pressing the ignition button, it signals for the car battery to start a lead-acid chemical reaction. This delivers a burst of electrical energy that enables the starter motor to crank the engine. 

Most cars use a 12-volt battery. Even a small decrease in the voltage can play a major role in the battery’s performance. When a battery dies, it means that the voltage has been depleted and is not being recharged.

What Shortens Battery Life?

Here are some of the most common factors that lead to a dead car battery: 

  • Headlights or interior lights being left on 
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures 
  • Battery is old 
  • Charging system has failed
  • Parasitic drain (electricity is draining even when the vehicle is off) 
  • Leaving your car parked for an extended time 

What to Do When Your Battery is Dead

If you have a dead battery, contact our Chevy service department and we will replace it with a genuine Chevy part. Contact our dealers for more information!

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